The Move and the Beginning

We have been ex-pats off and on for the last 17, almost 18 years. I love the life but I hate the intervals in between when we are stuck, usually in Houston, for some unknown period of time. While many people love Houston, I am not one of them and if necessary to spend a long period of time there (longer than about 2 weeks), I tend to get cranky, irritated, depressed, and generally all around nasty. Such was the case last year. We had this wonderful assignment to go and live in England but the project was delayed and we were stuck in Houston, again. I had changed all kinds of cool plans to make the move to England when we got stuck in Houston, again. I was deeply nasty, deeply depressed, and probably a real pain in the a** to all around me. For that, I apologize.

We finally made the move to England in September. yea! As I had pretty much stopped all my writing activities in the interim period of time (i.e. time spent in Houston), it has taken me awhile to get back into gear and start writing again. To any readers who were with me way back when and might still find me, I am so sorry that I haven’t written. To new readers, hope you will find me informative at times, amusing at times, provocative (probably never), or just fun to read. I will write about our experiences in England, living here, traveling around from here, people we meet, things we do, etc. etc. and also will add to some of my other blogs, namely Tales from the Litter Box, and Bits and Pieces. Yes, our cats did make the move to England with us. They love it here, especially if they can curl up on the floor next to the radiator. So, we are off again. sorry, again, that it has taken me so long.


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