My Backyard – Back Garden Polo Field

I know little to nothing about polo other than it’s played on a large field, on  large horses, and a small ball or something is hit with a stick.  Not having royals in the U.S. riding about playing polo and being in the news, the best I have is watching “Pretty Woman” where it seems that the break is used to go onto the field and stomp the divots back into the ground.   “Divots” seems to be a polo or a golf term, a piece of dirt and grass dug up by the golfer or the horses hooves.


My backyard or back garden as is the term to be used in England, has many divots but I’ve yet to see a golfer in my garden or a horse playing polo.  My divots come from the squirrels.  I have been in the habit for many years of feeding anything that wanders through my garden.  This includes but is not limited to: squirrels, birds, mice, groundhogs, badgers, foxes, deer, cats, dogs, moles, voles, shrews, etc. etc.  In the U.S., it was usually cats and dogs and birds and opossums, skunks and raccoons.  Here in the U.K., so far it has been deer (who ate my tulips so they aren’t getting any more), cats, birds, a couple of small mice, squirrels, and I am hoping and hoping to get badgers and foxes and hedgehogs but haven’t had any luck with the last three yet.  I’ve been told that the badgers and foxes will really dig up my garden but couldn’t prove it by me yet.  What’s causing my garden to look like a polo pitch (field?) are the squirrels.  They are busy burying the peanuts I’ve put out and then busy wandering around looking for the peanuts they have buried.  I don’t think they have much luck because every morning, I find a lot of new divots in the garden but no peanuts.  I watch them through the back window and they run from spot to spot and furiously paw in the ground to get a small hole and NOPE, no peanut in there so they run a foot or so and try again.  I know they are looking for the peanuts previously buried because they’ve eaten all the new ones put out every morning.


So each morning as I go out to put out new peanuts and meal-worms or whatever I am doling out that day, I am busy stomping divots back into the ground.  I feel very posh doing the divot stamp.  Julia Roberts did it quite earnestly and lovely in “Pretty Woman”.  I am wondering though, where is my handsome young polo player to take my shoes and clean the mud off of them??  I’m sure my hubby would do it but he’s already gone to work.  Maybe I’m in the wrong neighborhood for polo players.  Maybe I should be looking for the fox and hound riders.  Maybe I should quite feeding peanuts to the squirrels.  nah.  ain’t gonna happen.  too much fun watching them scamper and stomping divots.  guess I’ll have to clean my own shoes.


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