Revisiting the Mucking About

Revisiting the Mucking About

            We had discovered an unknown water feature in our garden, a waterfall over 3 stone basins into a pit.  Spent the whole day mucking it out and leaving a pile of yucky dirt/mud/leaves/crap for our clean up man to get rid of this next weekend.  He’s gonna just love that.  Turns out our landlord did know about it and had filled it in when his children were toddlers.  Wise.  But he’s happy to let us muck about in it and see if we can get it working and all now.


So we got all the basins cleared and the pit pretty much empty.  The pump wasn’t working so that will need some attention plus we will have to blow out the line and hopefully it isn’t broken anywhere.  Of course today, it rained.  It rained a lot.  Now all the basins are full but not quite to the point of spilling over into the next basis.  The pit at the bottom is full and all mucky again.  Oh dear.  Seems like we might have to start all over with the mucky out bit next weekend.  I will have a water feature though, eventually.


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