Houdini Disappearing Fish Mystery Solved

Houdini Disappearing Fish Mystery Solved

            Yesterday we realized that our new fish, a tiger stripped Clown Loach, was disappearing from the tank.  Just as suddenly, he would reappear.  Unfortunately, we never saw him do this, it just happened.  One second there and next second gone.  Literally seconds because I walked into the room and saw him and turned around and he was gone.


I spent a long time with my arm in the tank, righting rocks after I looked under them, combing through the plants with my fingers and even, last night, poking my fingers in the gravel at ½ ‘ intervals throughout the tank thinking somehow he might have burrowed under the gravel.  Also had to set upright our little Easter island man that for some reason kept getting tipped over.


The Easter Island Man should have been the clue.  It’s never fallen over or tipped over before.  So I set it upright and we gave up on finding the fish, it had always reappeared after an interval so figured it would again.  My husband goes into the room next to look at the tank and the Easter island Man is tipped over again.  He sees the Clown Loach swim out of the small statue.  We had forgotten it was hollow!  I had trapped him inside the statue when I set it up right again.


Mystery solved.  Now the only thing we don’t know is how the Clown Loach is tipping it over.  Granted it is a very light piece of sculpture but  does the fish push it over but butting into it or does he get his little fish buddies to all push on one side or what?  That’s our new mystery to solve.


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