Flying Flags

Flying Flags

            Our garden has a flagpole!  A real honest to goodness stand up high flagpole.  It was a birthday present for our landlord at some point.  I’m glad he wanted one because I always wanted a flagpole too.  It was flying an English flag when we moved in but it was rather dirty so the landlord helped me take it down and I washed it, and washed it, and washed it, and washed it.  It never would come clean.  Looked kind of mildewed and such so I really didn’t want to put it back up on the pole.


Had some Tibetan prayer flags but turned out they were not as big as I thought.  I put them up the pole and during a strong breeze, they would flutter but mostly, when wet, they would stick to the flagpole and look miserable.


Today we got a proper California flag!  Huzzah!  We ran it up the flagpole.  It is flapping and snapping in the breeze quite nicely now.  The Tibetan prayer flags are underneath it and the California flag helps keep them flapping a bit too.  We do have a Texas flag ordered too as we are sort of from both states, sort of.  So we’ll see if we can get all of them on the flagpole.  I do love a busy flagpole.  At least we are flying something now.  I hated it when the flagpole was empty.  Looked so forlorn.


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