A Perfect Run

A Perfect Run

            We live about 5 miles from where my hubby works.  One of the reasons we chose this house and location (besides the fact that it’s a killer of a house and glorious garden) is that it’s just a straight shot from our house to the front door of the office.  Of course, we did not figure on traffic or Frimley Park Hospital and its “super-friendly to pedestrians only” crosswalk light.  And there are 7 roundabouts between us and work and many more stoplights, pedestrian crossings, bus lanes, etc.


FPH (Frimley Park Hospital) has a roundabout on each end of its “area” with its pedestrian crossing close to the hospital and about ½ way between each roundabout. The stoplight at the crossing doesn’t take it very long to change to a red for cars once someone has pressed the button.  And there seems to be quite a few people that both walk to the hospital or park somewhere else and use that crosswalk.  Once the day has started, that light is constantly changing to red for cars and it backs up the traffic terribly.  I have been stuck at the roundabout waiting for that light to change and the roundabout to clear for as long as 45 minutes on a really horrible day.  On an average day, I could wait 10 minutes or so to get across the roundabout and into the line going through that pedestrian intersection.


So the first few weeks we lived here, we weren’t very happy that our straight shot from home to work was taking us about ½ hour to go the 5 miles which meant about 45 minutes for me to come home again and then start my day running errands or for touring or for whatever reason I had needed to keep the car.


Finally we realized that if we left ½ hour earlier, we would miss a good deal of the traffic and take only about 15 minutes to get to work and maybe 20 minutes to get home.  Whew.  While not perfect, that was much better than me starting my day with an hour or more in the car.


Today we left really early because we’re heading off for the weekend which means I have to pick up my hubby early to get to Gatwick.  What a lovely morning.  We made a perfect run to work in about 10 minutes.  I didn’t get stopped by a single stop light or pedestrian light.  There wasn’t a single bicycle or pedestrian crossing at any of the Toucan crossings.  And best of all, on all 7 roundabouts, I never had to shift down more than one gear before the way was clear and I could sail through.  Wow.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could do that every day.  Don’t think I can get my hubby up any earlier though to get him out the door early unless it’s a special case like this morning.


Didn’t have a perfect run on the way back home.  FPH traffic was already starting and the pedestrian light there was already backing up the cars but a good deal of my route was still free and clear.  Next goal, a perfect run both directions on the same day!


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