A Three, NO, Four! Frog Day

A Three – NO Four Frog Day!

            We have a water cascade in our garden.  It has been covered up for several years as the owner of the house filled it in when his children were little.  We stumbled upon it when we were pulling out a particularly large weed and the gardener stepped into the deep end.  Long story short, the pump still worked but there were some holes in the membrane and we’ve been busy caulking and patching the stone work and concrete so we can run it and stop losing water.


Today was the day to replace the membrane.  I have two fish living in the bottom waterfall pond section so that they can eat the mosquito larvae.   My helper (he does all the work but I have the money so I get to be the boss LOL) arrived and we gathered some buckets.  The best way to fix the holes and leaks in the membrane would be to just take out the old and put in a new.  Luckily the owner had provided me with a large hunk of fresh membrane.  So he starts pulling out water.  I warn him that there are two fish in there and he is able to catch one.  I also saw a frog in there this morning so he’s looking for the frog too.  He catches the frog and I take it and put it in the bigger fish pond on the lily pad.  By the time I got back to the waterfall, my helper had found another frog!  OK, it goes over to the bigger fish pond as well.


By now, the water level is getting low.  I swipe the net through the water a couple of times and come up with the other fish.  He joins his pal in a bucket and later I put them in the one part of the waterfall/cascade that doesn’t have a leak and has enough water for them and enough mosquito larvae to keep them busy for a few days.  There is maybe 6” of water remaining in the lower pond.  My helper suddenly spies another frog that is decidedly unhappy with the dwindling water.  We fish him out of the pond and he goes to join his pals in the larger pond.  I set them all on a lily pad but by the time I return, they are gone.


Wow, three frogs.  I knew there were two in the yard but didn’t realize they were both in the cascade.  Finally, we are almost out of water in the basin when my helper says, OMG, here’s another frog, a fourth frog!  He was hiding in the mud at the bottom.  He’s lucky we didn’t pull out the membrane with him in it and throw him onto the yard.  We caught him and he gets put on a lily pad too.


So four frogs!  My helper thinks they were living at the bottom of the basin in a layer of mud.  Quite possible and now we’ve put in a new membrane and there’s no mud there.  Well, they are in the bigger pond with most of the fish and I hope they are happy there for a while because I don’t think I can find them and catch them to put them back.  Wish they would do a better job of eating small insects though.  If they had done their job, never would have had to put the fish in the basin with them.


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