Bathroom Buddy

In my own house, I think it is a fairly safe bet to say I haven’t been to the bathroom by myself in – oh – probably about 7 years or so.  There may be the odd occasion once or twice but most of the time, heading into the bathroom means I am joined by my bathroom buddy, my Siamese cat.  She’s 9 1/2 years old now and about 7 years ago, I think she decided that the bathroom was a good time for her to get petted.  I am still and not moving and my hands are closer to the floor so she’s made it a major part of her life to join me.

In the morning, she is usually on the bed trying to wake me up anyway so as soon as I am out of the bed, she makes a beeline for the bathroom.  If she is not fast enough to beat me into the bathroom and I should – heaven forbid – shut the door in her face, she makes it known that she is displeased.  She scratches on the door and cries until I open it enough that she can squeeze through and come into the bathroom.  Then it’s purr time and rub against the legs time.

In my office, she likes to sit on my lap until my legs are numb and my arms are tired of typing over her and I kick her off.  Then she’ll sit in the extra chair.  If I get up to go to the bathroom, she’s up and coming with me.  In fact, about the only time I can get some bathroom time to myself is if she is busy eating.  That is much more important than bathroom quality time but that is the only thing more important.

Usually she is fine to wander around the bathroom and come over for some petting and some tummy rubs but on occasion, it’s apparently necessary for her to sit on my lap.  that’s what laps are for, yes?  and I do have a warm body so winter times, she’s into the bathroom with me and demanding some extra lap time.   This also occurs should I have been gone for awhile, on a holiday or something, then she feels the need, I think, to reconnect and make sure the bathroom is still her place to share with me.  Should one of the other cats come along into the bathroom, she gets upset and hisses at them or shoves open the door and leaves in a huff.  I’m left sitting there in disgrace.

Don’t mind having a bathroom buddy.  Kind of cute and clever that she likes to be with me that much.  And of course I talk to her so when I am heading to the bathroom and she just looks at me, I’ll ask if she’s coming along and wait for her.  She has me well trained.


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