The Rain-hole Phenomenon Updated

As my daughter is off on her rotational assignment, it took a few days for the links and posting to reach her and I finally just had to copy it into an email as the link wouldn’t work where she is.  She remembered the storms and sitting on the balcony and reminded me of a few things I had forgotten.  Snacks or a picnic while we were watching the storms was important.  In those days, it was so much easier and cheaper to buy food that wasn’t the best in nutrition but it filled your tummies and since we didn’t have a lot of money, that’s what we ate.  Mac n cheese, crackers and squirt cheese, bologna sandwiches and chips (potato chips as in the U.S. style, not chips as in the U.K style) and such.  Our main food for storm watching was crackers and squirt cheese.  You could make it as you sat there or squirt some cheese into your mouth directly to be funny.  It was a comfort food with the stories and the storms.  I think it took us years to get over buying the squirt cheese in a can as it certainly wasn’t nutritious.


She then reminded me too that her “rain-holeness” had happened much earlier than I remember as she moved to several different places well known for having a lot of rain and fog and storms and each time she moved there, a drought happened.  Not usually a major drought but the rain and storms dried up and went away for the most part until she left the area, either on holiday or permanently.  Gosh we need to find out how to market this!!!


Once again, she has moved to a place well known for it’s rainy season which is now.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens but if you hear about certain parts of Africa that inexplicably aren’t having their usual amounts of rain, you’ll know that’s where she is!


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