Un-Useable Toilet Paper

Hmmm, yes, it does sound like this could be a short blog about something quite nasty but in reality it isn’t and a really simple explanation as to why there is toilet paper sitting in our bathroom and we can’t use it – ever.   We have a small window in the master bath with no curtains or shade on it.  While it is small and our house overlooks the first hole of a golf course, a friend once told me “those caddies all have binoculars!”   True or not, I am not taking chances.   I placed a large Chinese vase in the window with sprigs of eucalyptus coming from it.  As that did not take up the entire shelf of the window, I also placed our spare toilet paper rolls up there.  It was easy to turn around and grab one if needs be, at the proper time.


When my daughters cat moved in with us, we discovered that he is infinitely curious and will get up on anything, anywhere, anytime, to look out a window, see what’s there, or whatever else goes through a cat’s mind.  My daughter’s cat is beautiful but for a cat, he is somewhat a bit clumsy too.  So far he has knocked off and broken: a tea pot, a mug, a couple of wooden boxes, a troll from Noway, a tray, and probably more.  I have taken down almost everything from my shelves and window sills, wherever he might jump and knock over something.  My loft is now full of my wonderful treasures that aren’t safe around him.  HOWEVER, that said, it’s all ok because he’s a lovely cat and quite fun and entertaining to have around.  Hopefully he will become more graceful as he gets older or will get jaded and not get up on so many enticing platforms (yea, right!).


Back to the bathroom.  I don’t want to take down the Chinese vase because of caddies with their binoculars – ha ha and it does make me feel a bit more private to know anyone out there will have a difficult time looking through that window.  BUT that means the toilet paper must remain undisturbed and un-use-able sitting in the window on either side of the Chinese vase to protect it and keep the shelf fully occupied and unavailable to curious cats.  So you see, quite innocent that my toilet paper is un-use-able and will sit there forever in it’s pristine roll just holding the spot.


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