Venting Inside

Ha ha, bet you thought this was going to be a blog about ranting and raving and venting all your feelings inside.  Wrong.  It’s about weather and winter and how it’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter and when the sun goes down, it starts getting pretty chilly in the house.   We learned this trick a long time ago to help put some heat in the house and also some moisture as it gets pretty dry.   Once we are fairly sure the warm days are gone, we pull the dryer vent hose into the house, block up the hole that it goes through to the outside, put one hose (as in panty hose) over the end to catch all the dryer lint, and voila!  Every time we use the dryer now, we have additional heat entering the house and also some moisture.  And by using dryer sheets, we get a nice lavender or citrus smell through the house as well.


We’ve done this for years.  In Houston, doesn’t last very long, just a few months that it is necessary to get the heat.  When we have lived in colder climates, it really makes a difference and saves a bunch of energy.  Our house in England has a wonderfully big room that used to be a garage.  It has a very high ceiling and is definitely the coldest room in the house during the winter.  Usually we are sitting in there watching TV and wrapped up in quilts with small space heaters turned towards us.  Yesterday I had the dryer vented into the house and we watched TV in comfort.  Didn’t need to wrap up in quilts.  So my challenge will now be to make sure I have something to dry whenever we want to sit in that room and watch TV.  OK, not going to happen every night but it will help some nights.


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