One of the “I” Countries & Maintaining Reputations

Am quite ashamed to admit that I forgot where my husband was this week!  That has never happened before.  In my defense, he’s been taking more than the usual amount of business trips and so far, never at a time when I could tag along – worse luck for me.  Most of his trips have been to Italy and while I have been there many times, I love going there so I’ve been quite peeved that he happened to “mention” going on this next trip after I already had committed to various things.  Ah well, next time.

So last week he was in Italy.  My husband is quite the pizza connoisseur.  Thus, we have pizza in every single country we have ever visited.  Sometimes this has been to our delight and sometimes this has been to our dismay.  But we must maintain his reputation for trying pizzas everywhere, no matter how far from Italy or how far from any kind of mainstream food sources.  And he always calls me on his business trips when I am not along for the ride so he called me on Tuesday night and one of the first things he said was “I’m maintaining my reputation”.  I knew right away that he was referring to the pizza reputation but I responded with “You’ve already had pizza in Italy so you didn’t have to do it again!”.  OMG.  He’s not in Italy this week.  He’s in India!!  I knew this, I really, really did but we’ve been so busy trying to have our belated Christmas and then getting him back from Italy last Thursday and ready to go to India on Monday that it just slipped out of my mouth.  Boy, was he amused.

We have been in India before and tried the pizza there so he actually didn’t need to have pizza again but we do love it and that’s one reason we always try it.  So he didn’t mind trying it again.
Anyway, his pizza reputation is intact, my geography reputation – if I ever had one – is shattered.  And I must remember to keep my “I” countries in order and which week goes with which “I” country.


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