Beer Book #2

Last year we started taking the labels off the different beers my husband drinks and putting them into a book.  Very sorry that I didn’t think to date it at the start but we probably began somewhere around March or April or maybe later.  There are so many different beers here (England) that I’m really sorry we didn’t think to start when we first moved here or we’d be into book 3 by now or maybe even book 4.

Anyway, we have started book #2 now.  There are 198 labels in book #1 and would have been 200 labels except when I started I put a couple of “front and back” labels for the same beer on separate pages, hence 198, not 200.

Each beer is one that my husband has drank.  It doesn’t count if he doesn’t drink it and so friends cannot send us labels.  We have some from our holidays too in a couple of different countries but they are so much harder to get as I can’t always haul the bottle away from the restaurant to soak off the label.  Still I managed it in the Faroe Islands and in Santorini.  What fun.  I am probably enjoying it more than my husband but at least he is the one who gets to drink all the beer.  And sometimes they have been less than stellar examples of the fine art of brewing.  But he downs them all with grace and humor and a wonderful husband’s need to keep his wife happy with her little enterprise.  LOL.

So on with Beer Book #2.  We will keep it up wherever we go now.  Wow, can you imagine how many labels and books we would have now had we started saving them 40 years ago????  We’d have all kinds of home brews and micro brews and probably a bunch of defunct beers as well in our books.  Everyone must have a hobby and this is one of ours.  He drinks the beer, I soak off the labels and past them in the book.  Partnership in a marriage is a wonderful thing.


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