Loving the Deliveries

Ever since the prairie days in the U.S.A. and the Wells Fargo stagecoach came rolling across the plains once a month or so, it has been exciting and a big joy to get packages delivered to your door.  Well of course, I’m not that old that I actually experienced the Wells Fargo wagon but I did love the song in “The Music Man” and the image that it provoked.  Now it is just as much fun to get packages delivered even if it is the Royal Mail, Fed Ex, UPS, DPD, or someone in a station wagon or car.  And even when you know what it is, it is still just a bit exciting and fun to open a package and see your new possession nestled snug in it’s miles of wadded up brown paper or rolls of puffed up air wrap.

I have taken to getting things delivered like duck to water.  You can get almost anything delivered to your door and don’t always have to be home either to get it.  Most stores will provide a delivery of some sort and their on line shopping is almost as good and sometimes maybe even a little better than wandering the aisles and trying to find your items.  Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Graze, Hello Fresh, laundry service, B&Q, Longacres, John Lewis, Just Eat, gourmet food delivery, diet craze, fish mongers, dairy products, American Food Stores, newspapers (natch) and the list goes on and on with the different business that will come to your door and bring your heart’s desire.  I have embraced it so wholeheartedly that there could be weeks pass before I need to step foot into a mall.

However, I try not to let that happen because I do still enjoy a good mall and a good stroll around the High Street.  The problem with the home delivery is that  it’s really too easy to sit at your computer and check off things to have brought to the house.  I can easily hit over 100 pounds with Tesco in just a few minutes.  So I try to limit my on line shopping to stuff that’s harder for me to carry by myself, like stocking up on water (did this when all the flooding started here just in case) or cat litter, or diet drinks.    That kind of thing.

But it is hard to resist.  Amazon has their “subscribe and save” service where you can sign  up to get certain things delivered every month or other month, etc.  I have done this with several items we use on a regular basis.  I can get our cat food and diet sodas there at a cheaper price than buying them at the store.  But yesterday I might have gone over the tilt meter just a tad.  My deliveries arrived almost at once.  They had to be passing each other in the driveway.  Amazon came with all my drinks and cat food (once a month), then some things I had ordered for Valentine’s day, then some wonderful must have items from ebay and then etsy, and finally my Hello Fresh box (provides 3 meals, recipes, and ingredients to cook.  rather clever and fun to try new things).  And Wednesday is my fish monger day as well. My front door should have been on automatic open yesterday.   I can see me getting older and older and never stepping a foot outside the door as the world is brought to me.  The potential is there.  I just love the deliveries.


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