Cosmic Colds

When you have children, it seems like it is an open door for letting in all the little germs and bugs that float about and incubate in areas like schools and day care with sniffling noses, hacking coughs, sore throats and such. I went through all this when our daughter was young and attending public institutions and bringing home all manner of germs and such. One would think with her over the age of 40 now, that I would escape from her clutches as the harbinger of colds and flu.

Lovely to say that my daughter and I have an amazing cosmic connection. I like to think this came about because I was such a good single parent when she was under 1 year of age until age 11. That we connected in ways that will always keep us close and loving to each other. That’s all well and good except I seem to be cosmically connected to her health as well!.

Currently my daughter works on a rotational basis out of Africa. I am lucky enough to see her almost every other month on her time off work when she comes here to visit with us (actually she comes to see her cat but I’ll take it). Usually she comes home tired but healthy and goes back refreshed and healthy. So why is it, when someone who was obviously sick and contagious shook her hand last week, I GOT THE COLD! (and she’s still in Africa – not here for any of this)

The minute she told me about it via email, I could feel a scratchy throat coming on and sure enough, by the next day, sore throat and stuffy nose, then coughing and hacking. She’s not affected but I have a monster cold now. One that is kicking me in the butt and keeping me in bed in the morning until 11 or so when I drag myself into the shower and drag myself downstairs for cereal because it is the easiest thing to prepare.

As parents, we are always wishing to spare our children pain and suffering but who knew that such a good mother-child connection meant that I would get sick instead of her. Ah well. It’s not the first time I have shared her illness or her injuries or taken them on instead of her getting sick. Must have some good karma somewhere as a parent for me to continue to cosmically connect with her.


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