Naked Piano Course

Just love doing different things.  I have many hobbies that I pursue, much to the sorrow, I’m sure, of my long suffering and patient husband.  Most of my hobbies are gadget intensive which is really appealing to an engineer (my husband) but can get up there in the price range.  Some of the things I do are:  scuba diving (he enjoys this with me), stained glass and fusing glass and occasionally glass blowing, (lots of glass and he enjoys this as well), mosaics (we are both just starting in this hobby so still have to get lots of tools and such – yea), jewellery making, reading, and travel.  All my life I have wanted to learn the piano as well.  AND we have a piano in storage back in the states so it’s not like I have to go get one.  Thus, several years ago, my family gave me a keyboard to pursue this.   While it is a long-time dream, it is still quite difficult to fit it into my schedule and practice and learn because I am an absolute beginner.   I tried taking lessons from a piano teacher and she loved me because I would actually go home and practice  – not like many of her young school students.  BUT because of travelling and school holidays (when she would not work), I wasn’t getting too far too fast.

So I am doing the self taught courses of which I have numerous books and two on line courses I am following.  Still very hard to find the time.  BUT I have found that after I do my exercises in the morning, (some pilates mat, walking on the treadmill, and my knee strengthening exercises), I seem to be in the very mood necessary to sit down and practice my keyboard.  My piano teacher told me once that if I wasn’t in the mood, don’t even waste the time.   The odd bit is the desire to practice hits me the minute I come out of the shower and walk into my bedroom, naked as can be, and right there is the keyboard.  If I stop to get dressed – which includes doing all the creams and lotions and such as I’m older now and the body needs the special treatment, the mood is gone.  So, it’s sit down to the keyboard, naked as a new baby, and practice!  Luckily, usually, everyone is gone to work or at the gym or elsewhere engaged so I don’t have to worry about anyone catching me except the cats and they don’t care.  Wonder if I could start a trend?


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