The Broken Tooth

Teeth are important and I do try to take care of mine but genetically, I have been “blessed” with less than optimal teeth, hair, nails.  Hair is thinning, nails rip and tear off anytime I look askance at them, and teeth like to crack.  So there are a lot of crowns – fillings – and even a few caps in there, and one implant.  Otherwise, my teeth are still my own so not doing too badly at my age, I guess.

My teeth have personality and minds of their own.  They have made it a point to always give me grief when I travel.  Is it because they know I am eating strange foods, or they know there is a dentist close by that might not have been trained in hygiene?  Whatever the reason, during the last two or three years (and yes, I do travel a lot), I can count on something going wrong inside my mouth either during the trip or immediately before the trip.  On occasion, my teeth have messed up the timing – giving me enough opportunity to run to a dentist and get it fixed before I go.  Today they have caught me out as we’re leaving on holiday tonight and one of my fillings is broken.

Is it possible that dentists are like many manufacturers these day in that they build in obsoleteness into your fillings and crowns so that you have to come back for more?  Or are my teeth really sentient on their own and hate to travel while most of my other body parts love it.  Whatever it is, for the next two weeks, I must remember to chew only on one side of my mouth, keep my tongue from exploring the broken bit, and hope that it doesn’t get worse before my return.


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